Window Clings and Window Film

If you love the beauty of natural sunlight being diffused through stained glass windows then you know the beauty and warmth it brings to your home. If you who are looking for stained glass windows but don’t have a huge budget you may want to consider the different options and price points. The options available are stained glass kits, stained glass window clings, decorative stained glass window films and sun catcher kits.

stained glass window in door

Stained Glass Kits
If you are the artistic handy type that has a few bucks and wants to do it yourself with a stained glass kit you’ll want to consider these guidelines:

  • Start out with a smaller project first. The design I liked had a heron with 109 pieces. For an amateur this may be a bit overwhelming for your first project. Be prepared to start out within your own skill level.
  • Beginner stained glass tool kits vary in price from $50 to $249 and the kit contents vary also. If you are a true beginner you’ll want to get a kit that contains pre-cut glass, a free pattern and everything ready to assemble.
  • There are varying skill levels of pre-cut kits available so you don’t have to worry about cutting the glass and having everything line up correctly; it’s all done and ready to assemble. There are also pre-cut bevels and clusters which are the hardest parts of the design.
  • As your skill level develops you can move on to planning your own stained glass pattern, ordering individual colors of glass to cut yourself and ordering individual stained glass supplies.

Films and Window Clings
If your budget is tight but you’d still like a stained glass look then static decorative window film and window clings are available. Some of the more expensive stained glass film is made of thick PVC or PET Plastic and simulates actual stained glass designs. The less expensive window clings come in long rolls and are similar to wallpaper for windows that come in many patterns and even frosted. They are so easy to work with and they cling to the surface without sticky adhesives or glues. The options are endless you can order large decorative window clings that look just like stained glass for doors, sidelights and windows.

Sun Catcher Kits
If you are looking for more of a crafting idea that kids can participate in then sun catcher kits would be a fun activity. Most sun catcher kits are either made from plastic or metal and are painted. Some of the more popular sun catcher patterns include:

  • Animals – cats, dogs, birds, beaver, swan, hummingbird
  • Geometric shapes, art deco and stars
  • Trains, cars bicycles
  • Princess, angel, religious
  • Sports – basketball, golf
  • Floral, plants, cattails
  • Holiday Patterns- Christmas, Thanksgiving, Fall

Free Stained Glass Patterns
There are many pattern designs on the internet that you can print off using your ink jet printer. If you are looking for free stained glass patterns don’t print off the first thing you see, browse around first. There are many free patterns available from the simple coloring book type to the intricate detailed patterns for bigger projects.