Thermal Imaging Guns

Use a Thermal Imaging Gun Before You Start a Home Improvement Project

Steven Williams of HomeFront Improvements, Inc shared some interesting tips with me on thermal imaging guns and how to detect problem areas in your home without ripping off the walls. Most people cannot afford a thermal scanner because the good ones are quite expensive. The thermal scanner that Steve showed me was $10,000 and he uses it to when he comes out to a client’s home to do an onsite consultation.
thermal image gun
One of the most annoying things is when you plan a project and you find that there are other things that have gone wrong inside your walls that are not identified before a project starts. Before you decide to put in new windows you may want to ask your contractor if he has a Thermal Imaging Gun so you can see what current readings you get on the windows and surrounding walls. Too often there is very little or no insulation in walls around older windows. By using a Thermal Imaging Gun you can detect temperature differences and learn where problem areas are. It’s good to know about problem areas before the windows go in so you can address any hidden costs before you get the window ripped out of the wall and find a bigger problem.

Using a thermal imaging gun can help you determine problems in your attic and basement before you decide on what project you’d like to start on first. You would be surprised at what the thermal scanner is able to pick up. In one home there were many areas where cold air was entering the room like the electrical outlets, around the TV cable wire and around plumbing. After being identified by the scanner these areas were sealed with spray foam insulation and the air infiltration was reduced but not eliminated. The wall area around the windows was very cold due to the lack of insulation in the walls. The homeowner was made aware of temperature differences and was able to plan for insulation and sheet rock resulting in higher energy savings and a warmer house.

If you are working on any of these projects you should have thermal imaging of the surrounding areas:

  • Siding
  • Roofing
  • Windows
  • Flooring
  • Addition
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Basement

Most reputable contractors have one of these imaging tools. Ask your contractor if they have one it’s a good indication of how knowledgeable your contractor is verses one that does handyman repairs in their spare time. You can now identify an area that may need further investigation before the remodeling project gets started.

Follow this website link to learn more about the use of a thermal imaging camera: Thermal image pictures of home inspections, plumbing, HVAC and roofs. It also has some great shots of homes and other pictures shot with the thermal imaging gun.