Latex Paint Does Not Cure Immediately

Painting your home or office?

Latex paint is a good choice for most applications – it has lower off-gassing than other paints, it dries to the touch quickly (sometimes too quickly) and it’s the most widely used and available type of paint, meaning there are far more color options available.

You can even get paint and primer in one.

You may not be aware that even though latex paint dries to the touch quite quickly, especially in dry environments, it doesn’t cure as quickly.

Many experts advise that latex paint takes 14-30 days to cure!

What does this mean for you?

  • The most important point is that you can’t scrub it. If you do, some of it will peal off.
  • It may be more permeable for contaminants, meaning that they may penetrate into the paint.
  • You need to be careful to avoid splatters onto your new paint.
  • Applying another paint of a different color next to the first paint (as in wall and trim) may result in problems with wiping up spills or overages.

Under ideal conditions your paint should cure in about two weeks. In humid, cold, or poorly ventilated rooms it may take more than twice as long to cure.

As an aside, do not paint with latex when the painted surface or the surrounding air will be colder than 50 degrees fahrenheit. It’s also not advisable to paint when the temperature will be consistently dropping below 50 degrees before the paint has cured.