Stained Glass Windows

Stained glass windows and doors can bring elegance to your home.

There are several ways to achieve the beauty of stained glass without breaking the budget.

Stained glass windows in homes did not gain popularity until the late 1800’s when John LaFarge and Louis Tiffany were perfecting the basis for stained glass works with brightly colored glass, intricate cuts and opulent milky glass. LaFarge is largely known as a painter and stained glass window designer who is credited with inventing opalescent glass. Louis Tiffany is remembered for stained glass windows, Tiffany lamps and other types of interior stained glass.

stained glass window in door

Decorating in stained glass was one of the ways the wealthy could show their degree of wealth and many Victorian homes were built with large stained glass windows and doors as the focal points in entry ways, parlors and stairways. Today, stained glass windows and doors are often built into higher priced homes to increase their radiance and value.

With today’s urban sprawl and limited space between each house many people decide to hang stained glass window panels instead of window treatments. Using stained glass panels instead of curtains allows maximum light to enter the window and still allows privacy.

Many people also prefer the elegance of stained glass doors and sidelights to the commonly used solid wood or steel entry doors. Many of the home stores have steel and heavy wood doors with glass sidelights and glass panes. When you bring more light into a home by using stained glass windows and doors it radiates through your home making it warm and inviting.

There are many options when planning your stained glass project; if you’re thinking about adding stained glass to your home you’ll need to look at budget first.

stained glass window in door

More Expensive Stained Glass Projects:

  • These may be custom built by a carpenter and possibly a stained glass artist depending on how specific your stained glass design is. You may want to look at the many free stain glass patterns on the Internet to get an idea of what other people have done.
  • Custom-ordered stained glass windows and doors can be ordered from any building supply company such as Home Depot, Lowes or Menards. You’ll need to go into the store of your choice and sit down with a designer in the interior design department to see the different manufacturers and stained glass options available. Manufacturers of stained glass doors and windows include Pella, Anderson, Marvin, Jen-Weld, Masonite, Atrium, Fortune Brands, Ply Gem, Weathershield and Peachtree.

Less Expensive Stained Glass Options:

  • Stock stained glass doors and windows on display at larger hardware stores like Home Depot, Menards, Lowes, etc.
  • There is a stain glass panel maker at most Renaissance festivals. Artists at these festivals make beautiful designs for windows and the prices run cheaper than buying them direct from an artist.
  • Antique shops are a good source of previously owned antique stained glass windows and doors.
  • Recycle or reuse centers in your community take the unwanted parts from homes that are being remodeled and are a good resource for pre-owned stained glass and other treasures.
  • You may also want to take a look into taking a stained glass class in your community.

Cheaper Alternatives to Stained Glass:

  • Stained Glass Decorative Window Film – about $25 for a 24 x 36 inch panel – can be trimmed to fit or combined with several panels to fit a bigger window. Self adheres to window without messy glue or adhesives. You can find stained glass window film at affiliate.
  • Stained Glass window and door clings – wallpaper for windows. Beautiful floral, birds and textured faux stained glass designs range from $8 to $150. Stained glass window film can be purchased at affiliate.

stained glass window in door

For the stained glass Do-It-Yourselfers (but by no means the cheap way to go):

  • The glass crafters website has free stained glass patterns with recommended stained glass colors and textures. The pattern pieces are numbered just like paint by number so they are a great for beginners. They also have a free 96 page stained glass supply catalog by mail or download if you can’t wait for the mail.
  • Delphi Glass has beginner stain glass kits and lots of supplies. Their website has over 300 free stained glass patterns and project guides. Delphi Glass also has an artist’s gallery which is good for viewing works by advanced stained glass artists. Prices on these pieces range from $75 to several thousands. The best pieces of work get purchased right away so you may want to book mark this site. Save on Stained Glass at Delphi Glass

Whatever your budget you can have fun with stained glass and it adds beauty and value to your home.