How to Clean Glass Bathroom Lights

If you have not cleaned your glass bathroom lights in quite a while you may notice that they are a bit fuzzy. Read this article to see how we cleaned grimy glass shades and made them shine like new.

Older bathroom vanity sinks often have a mirror and three-light fixture above them. The light bulbs in those fixtures usually have some sort of glass globe or shade around them. These light fixture shades are a place where a lot of cob webs and dust settles.

Bathroom Light Glass Globe

To begin, turn off the light and wait for the light bulbs to cool down. Take an old cloth and remove any cob webs from the light fixture. Unscrew the light bulbs from the socket. To remove the globes/shades from the fixture look for the screws that holds them in place. There should be 3 screws for each light shade. Loosen the screws while holding the glass so it does not fall and break.

clean glass globes

Fill your sink with hot water and add a gentle but effective soap such as Murphy’s Oil Soap to the water. If you are cleaning kitchen globes and they have abnormal grease buildup the Murphy’s should work. If the grime is too tough for Murphy’s you may want to try a de-greaser like Dawn Dish soap that cuts grease. Place the glass globes in the sink being careful not to bump them into each other or against the sink. After they have soaked for a bit you can use a toothbrush to get any dust out of the crevices and a rag to get all the rest of the dirt off the globes. Next rinse the globes off with clean water and polish them with a soft dry cloth.

bathroom globe cover

Make sure the globes are thoroughly dry before reinstalling them in the light fixture. You’ll notice that not only do the globes shine, but they also let more light into the room making it look brighter.