Window Comparison Guide

Most of the time when you call a re-modeler to come out and give you an estimate he suggests one of the windows that he carries. For some people that may be driven more by a larger profit margin than making by the right choice for you.

Do your homework and be informed on what you need to know so you can pick the right window for you and your budget.

Learn more information in our Home Window Comparison Guide

Sealing Drafts in Laundry Rooms and Basements

When it gets cold outside you’ll begin to feel the drafts coming in through the cracks and gaps in your home’s foundation. Less obvious is when it gets warm and the cold airleaks back out. Visit our article on sealing drafts to finf out how to identify where a draft is coming from or going to and learn how to fix it.

Stop drafts in Your Laundry Room

Free Do It Yourself Air Leak test

If you are considering a energy saving project without going through the blower door test you can perform a free DIY air leak test to help you determine where the biggest leaks in your home are coming from.

Close all your doors and windows, the turn on all the exhaust fans (furnace, bathroom, kitchen, etc.). Hold a candle or incense stick near different areas in your home where hidden drafts may occur. Before you start make sure that the flame or the tip of the incense does not get near curtains or furnishings. 

You’ll want to check around doors, window frames and near electrical outlets. By using this inexpensive method of testing for air infiltration you can start with the project that will have the most impact.