Hidden Electronics Danger

Did you know that you could have a serious potential problem for your electronics devices hidden in your home or office? One that’s hiding in one of the most common places, your carpet?

A common road de-icing chemical, magnesium chloride, has been cited in articles by the USDA, Electric Co-Op Today, and the Colorado Motor Carriers Association as a cause of electrical arcing on electrical systems and wiring failures.

Worse yet, you could be inadvertently making the problem worse by trying to clean.

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Lead Paint Law

Starting in April 2010 contractors and remodelers are required to test paint for lead on any projects that they will be working on that are older than 1978 when lead paint was banned. Your contractor or remodeler will need to be licensed by the EPA. The EPA is scrambling to get applications processed and approved so delays of up to 90 days are not uncommon. If you have a project scheduled with a home remodeler and your project or home has not been updated since 1978 check with your remodeler to see if they have registered with the EPA. The Epa requires contractors to be certified in lead-safe work practices and training providers to be accredited by EPA. If they have not heard about the information you may want to pass this along: The application fee is $300 and the registration is good for 5 years. Contractors and remodelers can apply online www.epa.gov/oppt/lead/pubs/toolkits.htm   This website contains tons of information about lead in paint for contractors and home remodelers.