Mold on Bathroom Walls

If you have mold growing on your bathroom wall or shower enclosure it is important to stop it before it does more damage. You can use water and a 10% bleach solution in a spray bottle to wash the area to kill any mold spores. Make sure you have on the ventilation fan as bleach fumes are toxic.

Turning the bathroom ventilation fan each time you use your shower will also help by removing moisture from the air before it collects on your walls.

Water on Bathroom Walls

Water on Bathroom Walls
Bathrooms with showers often have moisture that collects on walls and surfaces. Over a period of time this can lead to mold. If you have mold on your bathroom wall it means that there is not proper ventilation in your bathroom.

Most bathrooms have a ceiling fan to remove extra moisture in the air. Turning on your ventilation fan should help remove the moisture in the air before it settles on your bathroom walls. It can also help to leave your bathroom door open when not in use.

If your bathroom has no vent fan, you can take a portable fan and aim it into your bathroom, and then turn it on for 5 or 10 minutes after you shower.


Polyester Carpet vs Nylon Carpet Life Span

What is the Life Span of Polyester Carpet vs Nylon Carpet?

When replacing carpet you need to determine how long you want it to last then you can pick which material best fits your needs. If you are updating your home to sell it you don’t want to spend a lot, you just want it to look good so it sells. On the other hand if you are remodeling your home and don’t plan on selling it anytime soon then you want your carpet to last a long time. Typically polyester carpet lasts 5 to 7 years and nylon carpet lasts 15 to 20 years.

Of course you can make your carpet last longer by removing shoes at the doorway, regularly vacuuming and cleaning it.

Vacation Reminder Checklist for Your Home

Going away on vacation? kinda nervous about leaving because you always forget things? Here is a easy list:

  • Arrange for someone to check on the house while you are away.
  • Alert a neighbor that you trust that you’ll be away so they can be on the lookout for suspicious activity.
  • Set timers on lights or TV so it appears that someone is home.
  • Lock doors, windows, garages and sheds and set any alarms that you have. Don’t leave hidden keys outside.
  • Stop delivery of your mail and newspapers or arrange for a neighbor or friend to pick them up.
  • turn off water valves on external hoses and the washing machine, especially if the hoses are old.
  • Unplug small kitchen appliances, especially the toaster and coffeemaker.
  • Check the thermostat and check the weather forcast and adjust accordingly to conserve energy
  • Plan to eat any food before you go that will perish while you are gone
  • If you have a trusted neighbor leave them your cell number and the phone number of where you’ll be incase they need to contact you.

We always make a list in advance of all the things we need to do and set it by the door and check it the day before so we can set the times and lock everything up. As we get ready to leave we check the list again to make sure everything has been taken care of. This gives us peace of mind that we did not forget anything. Have a happy vacation!

Fix Showerhead Mineral Buildup

If your showerhead pressure is lower than it used to be and the water is squirting out in directions that it should not be then mineral buildup in the showerhead could be the cause. Remove the shower head and use a paperclip to poke the minerals out the holes of the showerhead. Rinse the showerhead with clean water to remove any mineral pieces. Soak the showerhead in white vinegar for about an hour to remove any mineral deposits inside that you can’t reach with the paperclip. Rinse the showerhead in water and place back on shower pipe. Turn on water and test the clean showerhead to remove any of the remaining vinegar solution.

Searching for Neighborhood Home Values?

If you want to find out home values on a home on your street you can use the Zillow Real Estate Values website to find information on house values, real estate values and neighborhood home values. A good resource is Go there and look for the find homes search box on the top of the page. Enter the address including city and state or zip. The results will pull up a detailed Google map of your street listing the information about the property, when it was last sold, annual taxes, square footage and more useful information about the homes value. I like to look at the aerial shot of neighborhood home values to give me a good idea of what my neighbors home value is. Use the hand to move the map down different streets in your area to see real estate values on streets near your home.

Non-Toxic Cleaning Recipes

If you have concerns about the chemicals you are using in your home to clean with you can try out a couple of make it yourself recipes for all-purpose cleaners, floor cleaners, furniture polish, carpet spot removers, rust and mold removers. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has published a guide to make some of those recipes

You can print off this article and cut it in half to share with a friend. Happy cleaning naturally!

How to Fix a Stinky Sink

Lets face it; we pour everything down the sink and after a while it starts to smell pretty foul.

You can disinfect your sink pipe and drain by mixing a gallon of hot water with a cup of chlorine bleach and pouring the solution down the drain.

If your sink is made from delicate material such as natural stone you’ll want to carefully pour it down the drain so it does not come into contact with the sink.

You can also keep a sink smelling clean just by pouring several buckets of boiling water down the sink each week. After you use boiling water to cook food such as pasta or making tea, pour the boiling water down the drain and it will kill many germs near the top of the drain and flush them away.

Finally, there are bacterial powders that you mix with water and then pour the solution down the drain. If your house uses a septic system, then this may actually be your best solution, since it will help keep your septic healthy as well!

Discover more about fixing your sink in our Stinky Sinks article!

How to Fix a Stiff Paint Brush

If you did not clean your paint brush properly the last time you used latex paint it may still have paint in it and it will be stiff. To fix a stiff paint brush pour vinegar into a glass container and put it into the microwave until it is hot but not boiling. DO NOT PUT THE BRUSH IN THE MICROWAVE!

Pour the vinegar into your cleaning bucket and thoroughly soak just the bristles for about an hour. Wash the paint brush thoroughly with soap and water and your brush should be in much better shape.

Another option, if you don’t mind the off-gassing, is to simply use brush cleaner and let your brush soak overnight.