Fixing a Clogged Sink Drain Trap

Under the sink is a u-shaped piece of pipe that blocks sewer gas from getting into your home. Unfortunately, it can also block water from going down if too much junk has collected there. This is the infamous “trap”.

To clean it you’ll need a bucket to catch any sewage water that may drip from the pipe, a pair of rubber gloves, an old toothbrush, a damp rag, and some cleanser. If the nuts/clamps are too tight you may also need a large pair of pliers.

Remove the trap and clean it and also clean the exposed pipe ends under the kitchen sink with a damp rag and some cleanser as well.

Replace the sink trap and tighten the nuts and run water down the sink to look for leaks.

You’re done!

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Designing a New Bathroom

Starting from scratch is a great benefit to have when figuring your bathroom designs. A new, empty bathroom gives you all the flexibility in bathroom renovation ideas.

There are several popular trends evolving from people spending more time at home and wanting to be more comfortable within their home.

The first thing to consider in your new bathroom is size. More and more people are going with the bigger is better attitude. Even if the space isn’t there, small bathroom remodels are being designed to look and feel bigger. The bigger space is being used to include things such as furniture, a separate shower and bathtub sauna showers, and new appliances like radios and televisions.

You´ll also find homes where the bathroom has been designed to accommodate more than one person at a time. Double vanities are becoming more popular allowing you and your spouse (or your children) to get ready in the morning at the same time, or to each have your own inviolate space.

Vintage furniture is also making appearances in bathrooms. These pieces are being used as things like vanities, towel racks and sitting chairs. One good bathroom renovation hint is to design the fixtures as if they were furniture. This will give your bathroom a homier, more comfortable feel.

Using different materials and colors can be a big difference maker in the bathroom. White is a traditional bathroom color, but it doesn’t convey much character. When choosing colors and materials, you should think about what fits your personality and what fits the environment you want. For instance, if you want to shower in a natural, serene setting, then working earth tones and some type of stone into your bathroom décor ideas might be a good thought. Coordinated colors and materials can be used in nearly every bathroom feature from tiles to sinks to showers.

Keeping these things in mind can help ensure you get exactly what you´re looking for out of your bathroom design.

Remember: a bathroom addition or renovation is one of the best things you can do to increase the value of your home. Home buyers consider luxury and comfort to be a premium. Turning your master bath into a luxurious getaway might help you sell your home faster, or it might make you not want to leave at all!

Small Bathroom Renovation Hints

You probably have a lot of bathroom renovation ideas running through your head. Themes, colors and décor are all meshing together to create a whirlwind of possibilities.

Whether you want to do a small bathroom remodel or are looking at luxury bathroom designs, you need to consider things such as who will use the bathroom, what is its main purpose and what is most valuable to you. There’s a big difference between a master bath spa retreat and a cozy outdoor bathroom design for the guests at the cabin.

If you’re feeling cramped in your bathroom, there are some small bathroom design tips you might want to try.

Making sure your bathroom is well lit is the first step. Installing a skylight can accomplish this and help save on energy bills.

Another option is to install wall mounted sinks and toilets. In general, the more visible floor space there is, the bigger the room feels.

Having some sort of vertical pattern on the walls naturally draws our eyes up making the room feel more spacious.

Installing a shower stall instead of letting a full-size tub go unused can also free up space.

These options allow you to experiment a little bit without having to get into any expensive construction.

If you’re not terribly confident in your design and construction skills, you may want to consider hiring a professional. They´ll help you decide which bathroom vanities work best for your space and help you install bathroom plumbing. It’s always better to get advice from professionals before you start rather than after you realize you may not be able to do it yourself.

Painting Moldy Bathroom Walls

Painting Moldy Bathroom Walls

If you have mold growing on your bathroom walls use a 10% bleach solution to clean them and let them thoroughly dry before painting.

When choosing paint use a base coat primer of mildew resistant paint that is oil based such as Kilz. For your top coat you’ll also want to use a mildew resistant paint in egg shell or satin finish for walls such as Behr Ultra.

Pick paint with minimum sheen because it is more durable and if you need to wash dirty fingerprints or smears it is more scrubbable, but do not use flat paint as it will soak up and hold moisture.


Mold on Bathroom Walls

If you have mold growing on your bathroom wall or shower enclosure it is important to stop it before it does more damage. You can use water and a 10% bleach solution in a spray bottle to wash the area to kill any mold spores. Make sure you have on the ventilation fan as bleach fumes are toxic.

Turning the bathroom ventilation fan each time you use your shower will also help by removing moisture from the air before it collects on your walls.

Water on Bathroom Walls

Water on Bathroom Walls
Bathrooms with showers often have moisture that collects on walls and surfaces. Over a period of time this can lead to mold. If you have mold on your bathroom wall it means that there is not proper ventilation in your bathroom.

Most bathrooms have a ceiling fan to remove extra moisture in the air. Turning on your ventilation fan should help remove the moisture in the air before it settles on your bathroom walls. It can also help to leave your bathroom door open when not in use.

If your bathroom has no vent fan, you can take a portable fan and aim it into your bathroom, and then turn it on for 5 or 10 minutes after you shower.


Fix Showerhead Mineral Buildup

If your showerhead pressure is lower than it used to be and the water is squirting out in directions that it should not be then mineral buildup in the showerhead could be the cause. Remove the shower head and use a paperclip to poke the minerals out the holes of the showerhead. Rinse the showerhead with clean water to remove any mineral pieces. Soak the showerhead in white vinegar for about an hour to remove any mineral deposits inside that you can’t reach with the paperclip. Rinse the showerhead in water and place back on shower pipe. Turn on water and test the clean showerhead to remove any of the remaining vinegar solution.

How to Fix a Stinky Sink

Lets face it; we pour everything down the sink and after a while it starts to smell pretty foul.

You can disinfect your sink pipe and drain by mixing a gallon of hot water with a cup of chlorine bleach and pouring the solution down the drain.

If your sink is made from delicate material such as natural stone you’ll want to carefully pour it down the drain so it does not come into contact with the sink.

You can also keep a sink smelling clean just by pouring several buckets of boiling water down the sink each week. After you use boiling water to cook food such as pasta or making tea, pour the boiling water down the drain and it will kill many germs near the top of the drain and flush them away.

Finally, there are bacterial powders that you mix with water and then pour the solution down the drain. If your house uses a septic system, then this may actually be your best solution, since it will help keep your septic healthy as well!

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