Bathroom Sink Ideas and Sink Photo Gallery

When you are ready to pick out a new bathroom sink there are lots of questions to consider before going to the hardware store. This article is about bathroom sink ideas where we go through the process of determining style, budget, materials and costs involved. There are some great pictures to give you lots of ideas when you go to pick out your bathroom sink.

Space, Complexity & Plumbing Considerations

You’ll need to take a look at your current bathroom sink and it’s cabinet to determine how the pipes sit and if you’ll be just replacing the sink or both the sink and the cabinet. Also look how many holes you have in your current sink to determine how many lines are coming up. Some sinks have one center hole and all the lines and valves flow from there. Other sinks have 3 holes where there is a hot handle, a cold handle and center spigot. If you want to keep it simple it’s far easier to replace your sink and faucet with the same number of holes than changing plumbing to another style.

Sinks are made from different materials and those materials have different costs including mounting pieces, drains, faucets and space between the connections. The spacing between holes is also an important factor to consider when choosing your sink hardware.
First you want to measure your preexisting sink space and then determine what type of style you’d like in your bathroom. There are oval, square and round sinks to choose from in picture 2. Most sinks are sold separately from their bases including pedestal sinks picture 1 and vanity sinks in picture 3. If you are looking to save a little money you can also find complete sink and vanity packages for a good deal less as in picture 4. If you need sink pipe fittings check out Amazons selection 

pedestal sinks

Pedestal Sinks – made of porcelain are usually made of 2 separate pieces but I have seen some that are one piece. Most of the 2 piece porcelain pedestal sinks that are made sell individually so you pay for the sink and the base separately.
Pedestal Sink Photo Gallery featuring Glacier Bay and Kohler sinks from a local hardware store. Please note that these prices are only a ball park figure from  the Midwest US. If you have a low budget pedestal sinks are a money saver. Amazon has a nice selection of pedestal sinks to look at.

PICTURE ONE – Top row – left to right

  • Sink A – $64 sink & $60 pedestal – GlacierBay
  • Sink B – $119 sink & $109 pedestal – Kohler
  • Sink C – $199 sink & $139 pedestal – Kohler

Next row

  • Sink D – $64 sink & $24 pedestal – GlacierBay
  • Sink E – $30 sink & $24 pedestal- GlacierBay
  • Sink F – $119 sink & $104 pedestal -Kohler

Sinks Tops Photo Gallery – Made from porcelain, china or tempered glass they are detailed from top row left to right. If there is nothing wrong with your bathroom sinks cabinet then just buy a sink that fits into your existing cabinet. Many people refinish their existing bathroom cabinet if it is made from real wood because real wood is very expensive to try and replace as you will see in picture 3.
sink tops

SINK TOPS – Top row – left to right

  • Sink A – Pegasus – Under mount Sink -Material: Vitreous China- $67
  • Sink B – Kohler – Under mount Sink – Material: Vitreous China -$90
  • Sink C – Kohler – Square Drop In Sink – Material: Vitreous China -$114
  • Sink D – Kohler – Semi Recessed Sink – Material: Vitreous China – $217 *special order
    • Row 2
  • Sink A – Pegasus – Under mount Sink-Material: Vitreous China – $39
  • Sink B -Pegasus – Under mount Sink with Overflow – Material: Vitreous China -$69
  • Sink C – Pegasus – Vessel Sink – Material: Tempered Glass-$99
  • Sink D -unidentified – Round Drop in Sink – Material: Vitreous China – $69
    • Row 3
  • Sink A – GlacierBay -Round Drop In Sink – Material: Vitreous China -$59
  • Sink B – GlacierBay -Round Drop In Sink – Material: Vitreous China – $44
  • Sink C – Unidentified -Round Drop In Sink – Material: Porcelain on Steel- $29.54
  • Sink D – Unidentified -Round Drop In Sink – Material: Vitreous China – ADA Compliant

Sink Tops come in a variety of shapes and sizes. To find current prices on sink tops check out Amazons selection.

Sink Vanities

PICTURE THREE Complete Packages

Bathroom Vanity Gallery (pic 3)with matching accessories sold separately. If you need to replace both your sink and the sink cabinet there are options to buy different sized vanities and accessories as shown in Picture 3. Pressed Board and laminate cabinets – (not real wood) sink top, faucet, storage cabinet and mirror sold separately. Shown left to right.

  • American Classics Light Brown Vanity Cabinet 30″W x 21″ D x 33″H ($199) or 36″ width ($249)
  • Martha Stewart Bone Color Vanity Cabinet 30″W x 21″ D x 33″H ($399)
  • Martha Stewart Dark Color Vanity Cabinet 30″W x 21″ D x 33″H ($349)

sink vanity packages

Watch out for Sink Packages, Sink Deals and Special Sales

If you watch the sales ads and ask sales associates when the best deals are coming up you can save a lot of money. We went into the store and saw a sink and cabinet for $149. We asked the sales associate if they would be going on sale soon and he said in 2 weeks. We waited 2 weeks and got this Vanity with Porcelain Sink Package only $99 includes sink, cabinet and decorative hardware (cabinet knobs). Most of the chain hardware stores have their sales flyers online so you can comparison shop each week when the ads come out. You can check Home Depot, Menards, Lowes, or other local hardware stores for sales.

We hope that this article and the pictures have helped you determine what type of sink would be a good fit for your style, space and budget.